WELCOME to the PORIS Audio/Video Education Workshops.
Lead teacher, Paul Stoll, not only teaches filmmaking but also uses it in professional applications as producer/director, sound designer, musician, cinematographer, and audio/video editor.
A 6 year industry professional, graduate of the Zaki Gordon Institute of Independent Filmmaking and Berklee School of Music, Paul Stoll, has been teaching filmmaking workshops for 5 years.
Experiences include productions overseas on the small island of Tonga, working with Native Americans across the US, to corporate projects for large companies like Intel and GE. From shorts to features. Documentary to narrative.
Join Paul to learn what he has taken from amazing mentors, colleagues in the industry, and years of trial and error.
Become the storyteller you’ve always wanted to be…





CAMERA & LIGHTING: Basic Introduction
How do they create those beautiful images? What’s the secret? Learn to create an image as simple as possible. Sometimes all it takes is moving a light or changing position. With some basic techniques you can begin shooting beautifully, thoughtfully and creatively.
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FINAL CUT PRO X: Fundamentals
Want to use what the pros are using? Want more control over your edit? From basic video editing to advanced techniques Final Cut Pro has what you need. With our simple approach to get you on your feet and rolling you won’t feel intimidated by this beast.

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AUDIO FOR FILM: Basic Introduction
Want to learn the art of capturing sound in different environments? From the human voice to ambiance: a guide through the technology and techniques used to capture clean sound.

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LOGIC PRO 9: Fundamentals
Want to use what the pros are using? Want to score to picture? Or maybe you want to edit sound for your film? From recording to editing to exporting. Logic Pro is a professionals tool and we can show you how to find your way around and/or accomplish your next sound project.
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Let’s talk about what it is you would like to learn and go from there. We have the freedom to cater our session to your filmmaking needs.

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